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Service Description: For the Kansas City region, the current Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is called Transportation Outlook 2040. MARC is developing a new plan for 2050 for the Kansas City region, called Connected KC 2050. Connected KC 2050 will consider: Projected population and employment growth. Maintenance of transportation facilities. Safety. Quality of life. Preserving the human and natural environment. Climate change and energy use. Public health. New technologies and innovations in transportation. Current and future transportation needs (air, bicycle, bus, pedestrian, rail, roads, water and others.) The plan identifies needs and sets out a budget for federal transportation funds that the metro area expects to receive over the next three decades. It contains: Vision — a long-term vision for the region’s transportation system. Goals and strategies — what the region wants to achieve by the year 2050 and how we plan to do it. Transportation projects — major regional transportation investments that help accomplish goals.

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