Summary of 155th Street Improvements

Basehor, KS

Contact Information

Organization: Basehor, KS
Contact person: Gene Myracle
Title: City Superintendent
Phone: (913) 724-2000
Organization address: 2620 N. 155th Street
  Basehor, KS    66007

Pre-Application Information

PA Project title/name: 155th Street Improvements
PA Agency type: City
PA Agency Name: Basehor, KS
PA Primary project mode: Roadway
PA Secondary project mode: Bike/Pedestrian
PA Project type: Road & Bridge - Roadway Operations
PA Project description: 155th St, Basehor’s main street, is currently substandard with an unsafe intersection at Parallel Rd and inadequate facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians. This project will rehabilitate, modernize &; improve overall safety for motorists and non-motorists alike, including addition of turn lanes as needed, stormwater improvements with adequate green infrastructure (BMPs, native grasses and street trees). Intersection at Parallel will be improved with a roundabout. These improvements will add a 10 wide Multi-Use Path for pedestrian, bicycle traffic along with a 5 wide sidewalk on opposite side of roadway. The improvements to 155th Street will make the corridor easily accessible for freight movement and ultimately convert 155th Street into Basehors first complete street. The project design will also consider and allow for curbside drop-off zones (micro-transit and ridesharing services) will be further explored in vicinity of our high school.
PA Connected KC 2050 Project Number: Yes
PA Connected KC 2050 underlying strategies selected
PA Strategies Description: This project directly advances following strategies: Centers and Corridors; Promotion of climate protection & resilience; Prioritizing investments; Air Quality; Complete/Green Streets; Goods Movement; Green infrastructure; provides more mode choices; safety; system efficiency, system preservation, trails & bikeways and urban heat islands Scope of work includes modernized and rehabilitated complete & green street along main roadway through town (connecting residential areas, high school, and city’s downtown) with defined shoulders, off-road multi-use shared bike/ped path (along and according to MARC’s regional bikeway system) and sidewalks. Roundabouts with protected ped crossing at key intersection for improved traffic operations and safer bike/ped travel. Current open ditches will be converted to a combination of hard infrastructure and green infrastructure to include stormwater best management practices. These will include native landscaping/ bioretention areas/plentiful street trees, in an effort to reduce runoff and improve water quality. City expects improved facilities will allow for trips converted from auto trips to bike/ped trips, especially considering the vicinity to residential areas, downtown and city’s high school.
PA Complete Streets Description: The road currently has inadequate bike/ped infrastructure and connects business areas and high school. Portions drop off into a deep ditch, pedestrians have nowhere to walk creating a dangerous situation. To address this, the project will include: • Combination of sidewalks & shared (bike/ped) multi-use path • Stormwater management & water quality improvement strategies including a combination of hard infrastructure and bioswales/retention areas with use of street trees. • Curbside drop-off zones (micro-transit/ride-hailing services) will be further explored in vicinity of our high school
PA Safety: Added facilities for pedestrians on both sides of the roadway separated/buffered from moving lane of traffic. Multi-use path for bicyclists. Roundabout at Parallel Rd - which can be particularly effective at mitigating intersection crashes (also in proximity of high school). This and other intersections and roadway will be enhanced and designed to be more pedestrian and vehicle friendly.
PA Air Quality: Strategies will be incorporated that will allow for safer alternatives to driving automobiles (multi-use bike/ped path; tree canopy; native vegetation). Tree canopy and green space will be increased along corridor and in the vicinity of Basehor community center and high school.
PA Conservation: Natural Resource Inventory shows medium to high forest restoration value along 155th Street right of way contemplated for this project. Commensurate with this identified priority, the project will include native grasses, tree canopy, bioretention areas, etc.
PA Environment: Natural Resource Inventory shows medium to high forest restoration value along 155th Street right of way contemplated for this project. Commensurate with this identified priority, project will include native grasses, tree canopy, bioretention areas, etc. in streetscaping efforts.
PA Funding
TAP/STP Set Aside
PA Travel Lane: False
PA Congestion Management Measures Selected:
Access Management:
Active Transportation
Land Use
Transportation Operations and Management
PA CMT Description: This is not currently a continously congested corridor and no travel lanes are being added, left turn lanes are being added as needed. CM Toolbox strategies are being implemented to alleviate potential future congestion and to achieve safety/quality of life/environmental benefits.
PA SOV Capacity: N/A
PA Pre-application Statement: No changes made
PA Pre-application Statement Text:

General Information

G1. TIP Number:
G2. State: Kansas
G3. Multiple agencies / jurisdictions? Yes
Yes.Partnership and funding anticipated from Leavenworth County. Potential funding from School District
G4 Project contact: Gene Myracle Jr. City Superintendent City of Basehor, KS Office # 913-724-2000
G5 Purpose and need: 155th St, Basehor’s main street, is currently substandard with an unsafe intersection at Parallel Rd and inadequate facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians. This project will rehabilitate, modernize &; improve overall safety for motorists and non-motorists alike, including addition of turn lanes as needed, stormwater improvements with adequate green infrastructure (BMPs, native grasses and street trees). Intersection at Parallel will be improved with a roundabout. These improvements will add a 10 wide Multi-Use Path for pedestrian, bicycle traffic along with a 5 wide sidewalk on opposite side of roadway. The improvements to 155th Street will make the corridor easily accessible for freight movement and ultimately convert 155th Street into Leavenworth County’s first complete street.
G6. Origin and ending
  Length (Miles):
155th Street
Wolf Creek
Elm Road
G7 Functional Classification: Major Collector
G8 Connected KC 2050 Decade? 2020
G9 Muli-Agency Plan? Yes
Project implements components of the regional Bikeway plan. Clean Air Action Plan. Safety Blueprint. Green Infrastructure Framework.
G10 Included in a CIP? Yes
Project is included in Citys Capital Improvement Plan
G11 Planning stage: Conceptual Plan
G12 Reviewed by state DOT? No
G13 Right-of-Way acquisition: In process
G14 ROW by local public agency process manual? Yes
G15 Other unique local goals and objectives? No
Projects address residents desires for for sidewalks/bike infrastructure/trails, as identified in September 2019 Citizen Satisfaction Survey by ETC. This survey results identified this type of facility as the most pressing infrastructure need in the city. 64% of residents ranked this type of infrastructure among the most important city capital improvement project for the continuous success for the city of Basehor. This ranked even higher than street maintenance. In addition, this project addresses a major safety concern at the intersection of Parallel and 155th, where a high school exists. Additionally, there are no sidewalks south of Parallel on 155th Street, forcing pedestrians to walk in the roadway.
G16 Transportation Disadvantaged Population: The overarching goal of the 155th Street Improvement Project is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Basehor. To be very specific, 155th Street is located within the heart of the city and is a major connector to Highway 24/40 (State Avenue). During the last 20 years, this City and specifically this corridor has seen tremendous growth (from approx. 1000 to 6000 citizens). This level of growth has led to an increasing need to safely provide sidewalks, bike paths, multiple use paths that will serve this fully developed residential neighborhood a with population of all ages, which include veterans, people with disabilities, and elementary/middle/high school students. Improving this project would have an impact on the mixed population. Demographic data indicates the residents living in and within a three (3) block spread of 155th Street are predominantly working age, with many young families with school age children. Our largest track of our elderly population resides along our main road. Along this corridor are three of the four senior housing facilities located in the city. As a result, the transportation needs of seniors without privately own transportation becomes challenging. It is believed that the 155th Street Improvement project will improve the quality of life by providing better connections for residents and visitors to jobs and services. An advantage to our transportation disadvantaged population will be found in providing a safe continuous connection from long-established neighborhoods to the activity centers located within the city. Additional advantages would be to improve quality of life which will result in better connections for residents and visitors to jobs and services.
G17 Relevant Public Engagement: At a “State of the City” address, a question was asked by a member of the audience. The question was “What are you going to do to improve 155th Street?” That question was the start of dialog focusing on ways to address voiced issues related to 155th Street. For example, the high school and other major activities centers were located on 155th Street and yet there were limited sidewalks for the residents to utilize. A 2012 Citywide survey clearly identified the lack of sidewalks as being a major priority need for infrastructure for this city. More and more concerns were being shared as the community grew from approx. 1000 to 6000 citizens over the last 20 years. These concerns clearly began to highlight the lack of sidewalks that are impacting the accessibility to our activity centers and other public services. A decision was made to address and collect data related to various types of improvements for 155th Street that would address the voiced concerns as well as improve the overall quality of life of the Citizens. A variety of relevant public engagement tools and strategies have been utilized which involved collecting public feedback by hosting 155th Street Improvement (Town halls). The survey (data collection tool) collected information that specifically – focused on the following. a. 155th Street be improved? b. Should sidewalks be included in any improvements for the project? c. Where should the project start and end on 155th Street? However: additional feedback was also collected (secondary data) included data related to dynamic transportation uses (pedestrian, cyclist), restraints to active transportation option as well as potential walking/biking enhancements needed. These Town halls were conducted in various venues throughout in the City to include conducting Town-halls at Church, our High School, library, senior housing units, city wide festival (Dairy Days), and a posting in local newspaper. In addition to the Town-halls, the same information provided during the Town-halls was also posted as a video presentation (along with the data collection tool) to the City’s Website (including social media outlets) for citizens to use and share with others. The public engagement strategy includes several one-on-one discussions with individuals. All findings from the data collection tool and other implemented strategies were shared with the public on the City’s Web page (and social media outlets). In 2019 another City Wide Survey was conducted that indicated individuals still had a high interest in improving 155th Street.
G18 Planned Public Engagement: We will conduct a robust citizen-wide engagement process. The 2019 Direction Finder ® survey proved our community is eager to engage. Therefore, we intend to use all tools available to us as a way to generate interest and ownership in this project development. The Governing Body will conduct Town Hall meetings, the Planning Commission will conduct feedback and listening sessions, neighborhood outreach, web and social media, we will seek to use mailed flyers, utilize the schools web based communication methods, pace advertisements with the Basehor community Library, place yard signs, and work with the Leavenworth County Times on purchased ads. We learned we have an active cycling community who we intend to make a partner to ensure our project improves access. We will also reach out the the Whole Person organization to ensure our project improves accessibility. We will also work with property managers for our senior housing and income restricted residential developments, VFW is a committed communication partner as well. We will work with the local library to help promote the project development process. We will seek an engagement partner with a proven track record for engaging diverse audiences, especially in light of COVID-19. We will use social media to promote events and encourage discussion. We will also leverage the diversity of our partners in the steering committee to ensure everyone’s voice in the community is heard.
G19 Sustainable Places Criteria: ----Active Transportation/Living---Age in Place---Compact, Walkable Centers--- Complete Street Design---Connected Street Network---Context Appropriate Streets------- ----Green Infrastructure---Infill-Rehab Housing---Integrated Trail System--- Mixed-Density Neighborhoods---Natural Resources Protection-------Pedestrian-Oriented Public Realm--- Renewable Energy-----------Strong Suburban Downtown--- Transit-Ready Corridors---Tree Preservation-
G19.1 Describe PSP relationship: This project aims to: *rehabilitate/modernize roadway and improve bike/ped facilities for transportation & recreation, in a natural setting with enhanced tree canopy and reduce runoff/improve water quality. *address areas identified as restoration priorities by MARC by adding green infrastructure where possible. *make downtown Basehor and newly developing Civic Campus transit ready by identifying stop locations, for any future transit or rideshare vehicles. *provide multimodal transportation corridor (with lacking bike/ped infrastructure) and establish connection between commercial node along State Av., nearby Civic Campus and alongside school, to downtown. *use technology (solar powered energy efficient) in signage and traffic control equipment to achieve maximum energy efficiency. *connect well established mixed density residential areas with new development, which will provide an opportunity for our increasingly diverse population to call us a community of choice for all ages.
G20 Implements Sustainable Places Initiatives? No
This project does not advance a specific Planning Sustainable Places study. However, the project seeks to implement many of the goals and concepts which are identified in the regions transportation plan and is consistent with building sustainable communities. The project includes improvements which clearly focus our citys efforts into the main north/south spine of the city, directly connecting our downtown with our highschool, mixed density residential areas, and commercial areas. The project will incorporate green infrastructure and bike/ped amenities thus making the corridor a model of a vibrant green complete street. We hope this project will enable ongoing densification of development along 155th Street, offering a mix of recreational options with plentiful transportation choices. In summary, although this project does not directly implement a PSP study, it does seek to implement most of elements which typically arise from similar work.
G21 Serves Regional Activity Center? Yes
Less-Intense and Less-Walkable Centers We believe this activity center is inaccurately not listed as a "moderately developed activity center" due to recent completed development activity. The Activity Center at Parallel Rd and 155th is the only district high school. Grayhawk Elementary is opening in area with 215 new students. The new Early Learning Center will have 90 students and 25 staff members. The City has added 350 residential houses and a 64 unit apartment complex is nearing construction at Parallel and 158th Street. In addition, this projects design will account and allow for future transit shelters and stops identified as priority county needs in KCATAs Leavenworth County Transit Planning Sustainable Places study.
G22 Environmental justice tracts? No
This project does not directly serve an environmental justice tract. However, significant minority or low income populations do exist in the project area. For example, the 2019 local school enrollment in district is 7% African American; 20% Hispanic and 9.2 % other. Free and reduced lunch is 12% at the High School, and 10% at the Glenwood Ridge Elementary School, 13% at the intermediate school. There are also income restricted older adult residential developments within the project area. Also, existing pedestrian infrastructure is antiquated and not accessible to people with disabilities. Given the nature of this project which would improve pedestrian connections, provide transportation and recreational bike/ped options, eliminate gaps, and enhance the tree canopy, these populations would all be directly benefited by these improvements as they would now be able to travel to school, shopping on foot safely and comfortably.
G23 Reduces greenhouse gas emissions? No
This project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Even though this project is a roadway project, the major and more visible elements will be infrastructure outside of the roadway itself. Major elements of the project include the closing of any sidewalk gaps and addition of a multi-use bicycle pedestrian path along 155th Street. It will be safer and more comfortable to travel outside of a car. We anticipate that this will lead to some shifting of transportation trips from driving ones own car to a bicycle/pedestrian trip. The project will also add green infrastructure in the form of enhanced tree canopy, native grasses, reduction of piped stormwater for more natural drainage systems, all of which will have a positive effect on mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. These various project elements will also be used as educational opportunities with the local high school, etc.
G24 Natural Resource information: Natural Resource Inventory shows medium to high forest restoration value along 155th Street right of way contemplated for this project. Commensurate with this identified priority, the project will include native grasses, tree canopy, bioretention areas, etc. This project will implement segments of the regional bikeway network and also connect to a new segment of a Metrogreen trail system through city (first one in city) towards the new civic campus.
G25 Community Links at Watershaed Scale: Project area exists near ridge line and in headwaters of Hog Creek/Little Stranger Creek, which drain into Kaw River. Hog creek, of poor stream riparian health, drains most heavily urbanized/urbanizing areas in Basehor. Areas east of Hog Creek & 155th Street include the Citys downtown, existing commercial corridors and residential areas. Commercial areas are currently expanding towards the southern end of this project (near State Avenue). The City is also advancing construction of a civic campus within 1/8 mile of Hog Creek and 155th Street. Information provided by MARC indicates areas along 155th ROW to be of high forest restoration priorities. This project will use green infrastructure strategies to improve stream health, serve as a model for future public and private improvements in area, and be part of educational activities in high school. These strategies will reduce runoff during rain events, and improve water quality and stream riparian areas health. NOTE: Maps attached.
G26 Explain local land use or comprehensive plans: Comprehensive Plan City of Basehor.

Project Financial Information

STP Federal amount: 9000000 
STP Match amount: 2251040 
STP Year requested: 2023
Source of Local Match: Citys Capital Improvement Program. Leavenworth County and Basehor Linwood School District have also committed some financial support, which is pending negotiation.
Scope Change: Project scope is not anticipated to be changed. City will seek ways to increase local match, to the extent possible. This project is the single biggest priority for the City and has the Countys support.
Cost by area:
Engineering: 1310200
Equipment Purchase: 0
Right-of-Way: 162380
Other: 0
Utility Adjustment/Relocation: 488800
Program Implementation/Construction (including Construction Engineering/Inspection): 7838070
Contingency: 1455750
Total Estimated Project Cost: 11255200
Cost Breakdown by mode:
Highway: 80  %
Transit:   %
Bike: 8  %
Pedestrian: 7  %
Other: 5  %

Supporting Documents

Submitted (Public) comments

Jon D Gallion said...

This project will improve access from the central park of Basehor to the current main business section along highway 24/40. It will also provide sidewalk and trail access that will give pedestrians a safe place to walk that does not exist today.

9/24/2020 12:03:56 PM

Randy Phillips said...

This is a much needed improvement

9/24/2020 7:32:03 PM

Tom Lally said...

I am in full support of this application. The 155th Street Improvements are absolutely critical to the safety of all Basehor citizens, especially our school aged children as two school are accessed using 155th Street. As a growing community, the lack of safe pedestrian access (sidewalks, walking/biking trails) along and emanating from 155th Street is evident and not only impacts the ability to adequately plan for community growth but most importantly serves as evidence for the need of safe public access.

9/25/2020 10:12:54 AM

Shari D Standiferd said...

The improvements on 155th Street are a true need in Basehor. When school is in session you have major traffic flow issues which include cars, buses, pedestrians, bicycles all trying to move down a narrow street with no sidewalks, slowing to make turns. Traffic will be backed up for blocks which causes stress and occasionally car wrecks. When you are on parallel headed East you are on a slight uphill grade giving sight challenges and difficulty finding an opening to cross 155th safely. This area effects a high school, elementary school, early childhood center, library and school district offices. With the growth of new housing in this area traffic challenges will continue to increase without improvements soon.

9/26/2020 1:18:25 PM

Stacy Tatkenhorst said...

As a high school teacher, Ive seen first-hand how busy 155th Street can be during the school year. The corner of Parallel and 155th (where the high school sits) is quite congested and has become a dangerous intersection. Students do not have a safe way to walk to school and pedestrians dont have a safe place to walk along 155th with the lack of sidewalks. With the growth of our community, these proposed changes will only make our community safer.

9/27/2020 9:22:04 PM

Traci Dockery said...

I fully support the application to improve and upgrade 155th Street. Currently, 155th Street is a narrow two lane road lined with housing divisions, business, schools, a Post Office and a Fire Station. Throughout the day you will find citizens; children, elderly, parents pushing strollers, etc. walking or riding a bicycle along 155th street. Not to mention the traffic back up due to those entering, leaving or just driving to their destination via 155th Street. All those factors along with the narrow road and lack of sidewalks this puts the citizens and visitors to our city in harms way. Improvements are highly needed to for the safety of those traveling along 155th Street.

9/29/2020 11:35:22 AM

Bret Curtis said...

This additional infrastructure is very important to a rapidly growing community of Basehor, KS. To have safer options for residents for pedestrian traffic would have many benefits. I have seen pedestrian traffic walking through grass roadsides many times.

10/5/2020 10:55:56 AM

Bill Hatfield said...

The improvement yo 155th is very much needed. Please consider removing the proposed roundabout at Parallel & 155th. I’ve observed several accidents/near accidents involving roundabouts in other metro areas. Otherwise I would fully support this project.

10/5/2020 3:05:50 PM

Jeff Boddy said...

What is the cost to the taxpayers? Maybe sidewalks and a light is only needed. We already have a traffic circle that was constructed that made no impact in traffic flow on 155 and Pinehurst.

10/6/2020 6:11:59 AM

Cory Turner said...

I believe these are much needed upgrades and improvements to try and catch up with the level of development that has taken place in the past decade. The round about and addition of sidewalks, I believe are priority.

10/6/2020 11:03:50 AM

Suann Foster said...

These are much needed improvements to keep up with our growing community. Adding walking trails will be beneficial for all residents. This will improve pedestrian safety and make our community more walker friendly. These improvements will great improve traffic flow.

10/9/2020 9:50:58 PM

Jane Breuer said...

These improvements have been needed for years...not just for the traveling public but also for the businesses and school along 155th St. This road continues to be a main thorough fare and needs to reflect as such.

10/11/2020 11:40:01 AM

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