Summary of Missouri Bike Share Phase 6

BikeWalk KC

Contact Information

Organization: BikeWalk KC
Contact person: Eric Rogers
Title: Executive Director
Phone: (816) 205-7056
Organization address: 1106 East 30th Street, Suite G
  Kansas City, MO    64109

Pre-Application Information

PA Project title/name: Missouri Bike Share Phase 6
PA Agency type: Other
PA Agency Name: BikeWalk KC
PA Primary project mode: Bike
PA Secondary project mode: --Select--
PA Project type: Non-Motorized Transportation - Facilities and SRTS Infrastructure
PA Project description: Sixth phase of the Missouri side of the regional bike share system, adding new bikes and replacing old bikes with new technology.
PA Connected KC 2050 Project Number: Yes
PA Connected KC 2050 underlying strategies selected
PA Strategies Description: Most bike share locations are in centers and corridors, with some additional locations increasingly included along MetroGreen corridors. Additionally, as bike share becomes more aligned with public transit it is deployed more and more at existing or planned Smart Moves Mobility Hubs. Bike share is a key part of a regional mobility strategy to reduce private vehicle trips. Reducing VMT from car traffic is critical to draw down what is now our region’s number one source of greenhouse gas emissions. Shared Use Mobility systems are technology-driven platforms that generate more data than most transportation systems. This data can then be used by local jurisdiction when planning new bicycle infrastructure. The Kansas City Bike Share program (dba RideKC Bike) is a public/private/nonprofit partnership that includes non-traditional transportation funders from the private and philanthropic sectors. Bike share supports several strategies to maximize the benefits for the most people when investing limited transportation resources: Support the efficient movement of people, goods and services Increase mobility and accessibility for all users of the system Improve equity Foster safe travel Reduce pollutants that are harmful to health
PA Complete Streets Description: Bike share is often an element in a bigger Complete Streets plan or a transit plan, and the presence of such plans is an important criteria in selecting new bike share locations. For example, bike share is part of the recently completed Prospect MAX bus rapid transit project. It will also be part of the new East Village Transit Center, which also includes new bikeway facilities on adjacent streets.
PA Safety: N/A
PA Air Quality: From the plan: “For many residents, driving a personal vehicle is the daily activity that contributes the most to air pollution. Reducing the number of cars on the road reduces vehicle emissions, which have a large impact on ozone formation.” Bike share is very well-suited to short trips under five miles that make up the majority of trips people take during the day, and that are often the most polluting.
PA Conservation: N/A
PA Environment: Reducing the number of private automobile trips school reduces overall greenhouse gas emissions and improves air quality.
PA Funding
TAP/STP Set Aside
PA Travel Lane: False
PA Congestion Management Measures Selected:
Access Management:
Active Transportation
Land Use
Transportation Operations and Management
PA CMT Description: Bike Share and associated public education campaigns provide and encourage options to reduce single-occupant vehicle trips. Bike Share is closely aligned with transit. Many bike share hubs are co-located or adjacent with transit hubs and stops, including Streetcar and MAX lines. This allows for seamless transfer between modes and opportunities to continue journeys beyond the reach of bus lines. As we transition from traditional kiosk-based bike share to a hybrid dockless system, the old style docks are replaced with regular bike racks that can be used by all people with bikes, not just bike share customers.
PA SOV Capacity:
PA Pre-application Statement: No changes made
PA Pre-application Statement Text:
PA Pre-Application Staff Alignment:
PA Pre-Aplication Policy Concerns:

General Information

G1. TIP Number: 634078
G2. State: Missouri
G3. Multiple agencies / jurisdictions? No
This project itself is not funded by multiple agencies. However, KCATA, City of KCMO, and City of NKC are important partners in funding the ongoing operations of the program.
G4 Project contact: Eric Vaughan, Director of Bike Share Services,, 816-205-7056
G5 Purpose and need: This project expands the current bike share system, replaces out of date equipment, and supports transition to new bike share technologies that more flexible and adaptive.
G6. Origin and ending
  Length (Miles):

G7 Functional Classification: Not Applicable
G8 Connected KC 2050 Decade? 2020
G9 Muli-Agency Plan? Yes
Bike Share is included in the Smart Moves 3.0 plan from MARC, KCATA, and local municipalities. Specifically it is an important element of the Mobility Hub strategy.
G10 Included in a CIP? No
G11 Planning stage:
G12 Reviewed by state DOT? --Select--
G13 Right-of-Way acquisition: All acquired or none needed
G14 ROW by local public agency process manual? No
G15 Other unique local goals and objectives? No
Bike Share is included in many local bike-related plans. These include the draft KCMO Bike Master Plan, the North KC bike plan, and numerous local plans.
G16 Transportation Disadvantaged Population: Future planning for the bike share system focuses on increasing access in areas with transportation disadvantaged populations, and expanding into more disadvantaged areas. We especially focus on City of KCMO LifeX program, which are ZIP Codes where residents have significantly lower life expectancies than the rest of the city. Many census tracts in these areas have 50% or higher zero-car households. Our Bike Share For All equity program focuses on providing access in partnership with agencies that serve residents of public housing, people experiencing homelessness, and those transition out of incarceration and back into society.
G17 Relevant Public Engagement: Continuous engagement with stakeholders includes working with neighborhood associations, local governments, business associations, community improvement districts, and social service agencies. Input from those stakeholders informs where we place bike share hubs and how we market the program.
G18 Planned Public Engagement: Continuous engagement with stakeholders includes working with neighborhood associations, local governments, business associations, community improvement districts, and social service agencies. Input from those stakeholders informs where we place bike share hubs and how we market the program.
G19 Sustainable Places Criteria: Access to Healthy Foods---Active Transportation/Living-------Compact, Walkable Centers--- ---------------- ------------Integrated Trail System--- Mixed-Density Neighborhoods-------Optimize Parking------- ---------------- ------
G19.1 Describe PSP relationship:
G20 Implements Sustainable Places Initiatives? Yes
The Woodland Plaza PSP includes a Mobility Hub with Bike Share.
G21 Serves Regional Activity Center? Yes
Highest-Intensity and Most-Walkable Centers Bike Share is located in several activity centers across the region, often in conjunction with transit facilities.
G22 Environmental justice tracts? Yes
Bike Share increasingly serves EJ tracts and this project will allow for more service. For example, Bike Share is integrated with the new Prospect MAX, providing new multi-modal connections for those in EJ tracts.
G23 Reduces greenhouse gas emissions? Yes
Providing more options for traveling beyond a single-occupant vehicle helps reduce VMT and greenhouse gas emissions.
G24 Natural Resource information:
G25 Community Links at Watershaed Scale:
G26 Explain local land use or comprehensive plans: Bike Share is included in many plans like the KCMO Draft Bike Plan, North Kansas City Bike Plan, and several Area Plans throughout KCMO.

Project Financial Information

CMAQ Federal amount 250000 
CMAQ Match amount: 62500 
CMAQ Year requested: 2023
STP Federal amount: 250000 
STP Match amount: 62500 
STP Year requested: 2024
TAP Federal amount: 250000 
TAP Match amount: 62500 
TAP Year requested: 2023
Source of Local Match: NOTE: We are requesting funds from any source and split between both program years. Local match comes from non-federal funds.
Scope Change: The project can be scaled down to the available funding by purchasing fewer bikes.
Cost by area:
Engineering: 0
Equipment Purchase: 383000
Right-of-Way: 0
Other: 0
Utility Adjustment/Relocation: 0
Program Implementation/Construction (including Construction Engineering/Inspection): 242000
Contingency: 0
Total Estimated Project Cost: 625000
Cost Breakdown by mode:
Highway:   %
Transit:   %
Bike: 100  %
Pedestrian:   %
Other:   %

Supporting Documents

Submitted (Public) comments

Ryan Mott said...

Ive completely replaced my personal automobile with RideKC bike share. For the past year Ive used e-bikes exclusively when traveling alone. The lock-anywhere system made it practical to walk my children to school and finish my commute with a nearby bike. Please grant this project the ongoing financial support it deserves. Thank you.

9/23/2020 10:05:40 PM

Zachary Brown said...

I regularly use the bikeshare program to commute, for leisure, and to go shopping. The ebike program has made all these activities a breeze on KCs hills. The only issue I have is that sometimes the bikes get pretty beat up and in some instances become hard to use. I fully support continuing to support this program so that the fleet stays usable and comfortable.

9/24/2020 6:03:02 PM

Carri King said...

Bike program and walking to school groups are wonderful. A much needed part in the KCMO Schools

9/29/2020 10:03:47 AM

James Rice said...

Bike share is an important part of our regions transportation network. I support its ongoing operation and continued expansion.

9/29/2020 12:52:10 PM

David Johnson said...

KCATA supports the continued investment in public bike share as a first/last mile companion to public transportation. We contribute to the cost of operations and have provided the RideKC brand to ensure bike share remains a sustainable transportation option for the region.

10/9/2020 12:04:06 PM

Ross Harness said...

While I dont personally use the bike share (I ride my own assortment of bikes), I know several who do. Ive also noticed an uptick in usage in the e-bikes that have recently been introduced, as well as the park anywhere feature. Ive spoken to several whom got introduced into riding via the bike share and have since bought their own bikes. I support continued support of this program.

10/9/2020 12:37:03 PM

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