Summary of Gladstone Parkway

Gladstone, MO

Contact Information

Organization: Gladstone, MO
Contact person: Timothy Nebergall
Title: Gladstone Public Works Director
Phone: (816) 591-9231
Organization address: 7010 N. Holmes
  Gladstone, MO    64118

Pre-Application Information

PA Project title/name: Gladstone Parkway
PA Agency type: City
PA Agency Name: Gladstone, MO
PA Primary project mode: Roadway
PA Secondary project mode: Bike/Pedestrian
PA Project type: Road & Bridge - Roadway Operations
PA Project description: Gladstone Parkway, between the intersections of N. Broadway & NW 68th Street and N. Oak Trafficway & NE 70th Street, will be a two-lane gateway arterial that matches community goals and improves traffic network performance measures. The parkway has been in the community’s planning documents starting in 2007. Since 2007, Downtown Gladstone has undergone several improvements with new institutional, residential, and commercial buildings reshaping the urban environment and Gladstone Parkway will be a needed component to ensure the continued viability of downtown development. This project includes the construction of a new 2 lane road from NW 68th/N Broadway to N Oak/NE 70th Street to provide a direct connection to downtown Gladstone from Hwy 169, construction of a 10-feet wide bike/pedestrian trail on one side, a sidewalk on the other side, stormwater improvements including BMPs, continuous LED lighting, landscaping, and wayfinding signage.
PA Connected KC 2050 Project Number: Yes
PA Connected KC 2050 underlying strategies selected
PA Strategies Description: Improves access and reduces travel times for all travel modes to/from downtown Gladstone and activity centers along N Oak, NE 68th St, and N Broadway. Gladstone Parkway would result in 111,325 hours per year in travel time savings for 2020 conditions and 149,650 hours per year for 2040 conditions. Total traffic network gas savings, considering 2020 prices and gas mileage, is about 42,705 gallons per year which is $81,140. This equals a reduction of 884 barrels of oil per year. Includes the construction of a regional stormwater basin and BMP area just east of N Oak and south of NE 69th St (completed in 2018) to serve the parkway and redevelopment. Includes upgrades to the existing OGL system at N Oak/NE 70th including new signal, hardware, and 2 new PTZ cameras for traffic flow monitoring and winter operations. Includes the installation of a remote pavement temperature monitoring station to improve winter operations and reduce salt usage. Includes additional plantings and construction of bioswale for stormwater treatment. City has developed and implemented 2 CIDs at N Oak/NE 69th as a future funding source. Serves single family, multi-family, and commercial development and supports future mixed-use development. Directly serves environmental justice tracts. Project will have a "sustainable" urban design that promotes "sustainable" new and redevelopment opportunities in downtown Gladstone. Supports 2050 Proj #1289 - electric vehicle ride share plan.
PA Complete Streets Description: Serves KCATA N Oak Route 201 and West Gladstone 237 and City will work with KCATA to potentially expand service. KCATA is evaluating N Oak as a potential KCATA MAX-transit line. The eastern terminus of the parkway alignment is planned to include a new primary transit center for the city. This transit hub will connect to RideKC’s Route 201 (North Oak) and will be essential for elevating the quality of life for transit users and promotion of downtown amenities. During the engineering design process for Gladstone Parkway, inclusion of KCATA as a project shareholder will ensure that the new parkway works with transit operations. City will evaluate additional bike amenities at KCATA stops in this area. Adds new bike/ped facilities where none currently exist. Connects to the Linden Connector Trail which extends from N. Oak/NE 69th to M-1 and funded in FY22. Includes a regional detention basin and BMP area, trees, plantings, and construction of a bioswale. Preserves the natural riparian corridor and creates public green space along Old Maids Creek. Project will include new wayfinding signage in support of the PSP Regional Wayfinding Sign Plan being developed by KCATA.
PA Safety: Includes intersection upgrades at 68th/Broadway and 70th/N Oak. Adds bike/ped facilities. A local roundabout is planned to connect local traffic at N. Baltimore. A roundabout at 68th/Broadway is being evaluated to improve traffic flow, reduce conflict points, and promote traffic calming. Vertical and horizontal alignments will be designed per APWA. New signage, pavement markings, LED lighting, 2 PTZ cameras at N Oak to monitor traffic, and 2 radar activated speed signs will be installed. Addresses the top causes of injury accidents in Clay County: aggressive drivers, intersection geometry, horizontal curves, and pedestrian conflicts.
PA Air Quality: This project will include multimodal enhancements. 2 new bus shelters at N Oak/NE 70th St and multiple benches have already been installed along N Oak. The City will continue to work with KCATA to expand service and increase ridership. City is working to attract a bike-share company to downtown. Project incorporates improvements to the OGL system. Electric vehicle charging stations have been installed on NE 69th St and Gladstone City Hall and more will be installed as the area develops. Trees will be planted and the natural riparian area along the Old Maids Creek will be preserved as much as possible to create public green space. The design of Gladstone Parkway will focus on the green infrastructure goals listed as one of the priorities in Gladstone’s planning documents. Project is projected to save over 40,000 gallons of fuel per year and reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 400 metric tons per year.
PA Conservation: The project is primarily located in the Old Maids Creek watershed. The regional detention basin and BMP area has been constructed along the creek. Preservation of the ripariran corridor along the creek is planned. Construction of the trail will create additional public green space within the watershed. Since the roadway will be adjacent to Old Maids Creek, stream rehabilitation and best management practices (BMPs) for green stormwater improvements will be a key component of the project’s success. The parkway would benefit from street trees and would work to preserve and expand the existing vegetation and surrounding habitats.
PA Environment: As a Tree City USA for 19 consecutive years, project will preserve the existing tree canopy as much as possible. New trees and landcaping will be incorporated. A regional detention basin and BMP area was constructed upstream to reduce the potential for downtown flooding. The road median will consist of landscaping, natural turf, and permeable pavers. The City will install a test section of rubberized sidewalk and proposes a test section of asphalt street bond coating and the installation of a 2nd pavement temp station to monitor temps. Roundabouts will be concrete pavement. The proposed length of the Gladstone Parkway is approximately 3,027 ft (0.57 miles). For the vehicles redirected using the Gladstone Parkway from the NW 68th Street interchange to the Downtown district, the total travel distance will be reduced by 2,874 ft (0.54 miles) which is 49% compared to existing conditions.
PA Funding
TAP/STP Set Aside
PA Travel Lane: True
PA Congestion Management Measures Selected:
Access Management:
Active Transportation
Land Use
Transportation Operations and Management
PA CMT Description: Project focuses on a variety of congestion mitigation measures including intersection modifications at NW 68/N Broadway and N Oak/NE 70th, the construction of up to 2 roundabouts, new bike/ped facilities to reduce dependence on vehicular travel, OGL improvements at N. Oak Trafficway including the addition of 2 PTZ cameras to provide real-time monitoring, continued partnership with KCATA to increase transit ridership, working to identify a bike-share partner for downtown Gladstone, the implementation of mixed-use "sustainable" development in the downtown area, and thoughtful access management during development/redevelopment.
PA SOV Capacity: The construction of Gladstone Parkway will serve as an additional multimodal transportation corridor to provide improved access to the downtown Gladstone activity center. This parkway will serve adjacent neighborhoods, single and multi-family, commercial and retail. The Gladstone Parkway project will be a new showcase roadway for the City. Through a conscientious design process and public engagement campaign, Gladstone Parkway will be a tremendous success for multimodal access, emergency services, and overall traffic network improvement.
PA Pre-application Statement: Changes made
PA Pre-application Statement Text: Scope of project has not changed, however, additional information has been provided including information on traffic volumes and traffic network redistribution of congestion.
PA Pre-Application Staff Alignment:
PA Pre-Aplication Policy Concerns:

General Information

G1. TIP Number:
G2. State: Missouri
G3. Multiple agencies / jurisdictions? No
G4 Project contact: Timothy A. Nebergall - Gladstone Director of Public Works
G5 Purpose and need: Downtown Gladstone has experienced significant redevelopment over the past decade. This project will provide direct access for all modes of transportation to downtown Gladstone and N. Oak Trafficway and is critical project for the northland.
G6. Origin and ending
  Length (Miles):
Gladstone Parkway
N. Broadway and NW 68th Street
N. Oak Trafficway and NE 70th Street
G7 Functional Classification: Minor Arterial
G8 Connected KC 2050 Decade? 2020
G9 Muli-Agency Plan? Yes
Regional Bike Plan, MetroGreen Expansion
G10 Included in a CIP? Yes
The plan for this new parkway has been adopted by the City since 2007. Original plans that feature Gladstone parkway include Gladstone Downtown Village Center Plan, January 2007, and the City of Gladstone’s Comprehensive Plan, August 2008. Compared to an arterial or collector roadway, a parkway is uniquely identified by its layout with park-like features and natural integration of the surrounding ecosystem. Parkways typically have a vegetative median, best management practices (BMPs) for green stormwater solutions, and an alignment that complements the natural highlights of the location. By selecting a green infrastructure solution for the roadway that focuses on plant-life and the surrounding ecosystems, the city will benefit from a vibrant point of entry while working towards reduced traffic network inefficiencies.
G11 Planning stage: Preliminary Plan
G12 Reviewed by state DOT? No
G13 Right-of-Way acquisition: Not started
G14 ROW by local public agency process manual? Yes
G15 Other unique local goals and objectives? Yes
Gladstone Parkway is a critical component of the revitalization of N. Oak Trafficway and downtown Gladstone.
G16 Transportation Disadvantaged Population: Gladstone Parkway will be located entirely within an environmental justice tract with limited access to highways, bike/ped facilities, and transit. Local streets in the area have limited sidewalks so the construction of these facilities is a primary need for disadvantaged populations. The project also provides access to civic assets such as City Hall, Community Center, Linden Square, and the Gladstone Farmers Market which helps all residents develop a sense of place in their community. Access to transit facilities at N. Oak and N. Broadway is improved for all users. Considerable public engagement and input was used to develop the proposed roadway cross section that is planned for the parkway.
G17 Relevant Public Engagement: Relevant public engagement began in 2007 with the Gladstone Downtown Village Center Plan, January 2007. This plan advocated for major redevelopment using a mixed land-use model with Gladstone Parkway as a major contributor to neighborhood access and commercial expansion. Original development projections for the Downtown Village Center included 175,000–325,000 sq ft of commercial mixed-use with 400–700 units of residential. Published the following year in August 2008, the City of Gladstone’s Comprehensive Plan supplemented the concept of a new parkway with additional details and updated city maps. Further public input on the project was obtained as part of the 2012 Gladstone Parks Master Plan and the 2015 Sidewalk Master Plan.
G18 Planned Public Engagement: The Gladstone Parkway project will be a new showcase roadway for the City and our planned public engagement campaign will focus in on the side road connectivity and visual elements, such as lighting and landscaping. Through a conscientious design process and public engagement campaign, Gladstone Parkway will be a tremendous success for multimodal access, emergency services, and overall traffic network improvement. Throughout the design process, community engagement will help identify the desires of stakeholders and selection of roadway elements that focus on plant-life and surrounding habitats. Gladstone has worked hard to develop and engage neighborhood associations across the City to help in the campaign. Furthermore, a relatively new multi-family ordinance has greatly communication with facilities such as apartment complexes. In addition, the City has a strong working relationship with Northland Neighborhoods Inc and will utilize them as a resource whenever possible.
G19 Sustainable Places Criteria: Access to Healthy Foods---Active Transportation/Living---Age in Place---Compact, Walkable Centers--- Complete Street Design---Connected Street Network---Context Appropriate Streets---Diverse Housing Types--- Energy Efficient Buildings & Sites---Green Infrastructure---Infill-Rehab Housing---Integrated Trail System--- Mixed-Density Neighborhoods---Natural Resources Protection-------Pedestrian-Oriented Public Realm--- Renewable Energy-----------Strong Suburban Downtown--- Transit-Ready Corridors---Tree Preservation-
G19.1 Describe PSP relationship: Improves access to the Gladstone Farmers Market in downtown Gladstone, bike/ped facilities will promote an active-healthy lifestyle, connects diverse housing, City has achieved a gold level rating for its commitment to Aging in Place, connects to activity centers,reduces travel times and vehicle emissions, provides a more direct route to downtown, includes a context sensitive street design that incorporates public engagement, preserves natural resources, City has been identified as a solar ready and has made a commitment to energy efficiency including LED street lighting, solar power (eg Gladstone Community Center located in downtown), bike trail is identified on the Regional Bike Plan, and supports a strong downtown Gladstone and economic development.
G20 Implements Sustainable Places Initiatives? Yes
The project is not part of specific PSP plan but will incorporate elements of the N Oak Complete Streets Study, KCATA Wayfinding System Plan, Village Center Master Plan, Gladstone Sustainable Code Framework and Community Audit, TIGER 2 Village Center Street, Transit and Infrastructure Improvement Planning Study, Gladstone Comprehensive Plan, and Sidewalk Master Plan. Recommendations of the Regional Wayfinding PSP will also be incorporated into the project.
G21 Serves Regional Activity Center? Yes
High-Intensity and More_Walkable Centers Gladstone Parkway will not only improve neighborhood vehicular access with a reduction in network travel time but will include improvements for bike/ped, transit options, and even decreased emergency service travel time.
G22 Environmental justice tracts? Yes
The project is located entirely within Census Tract 211.01, Clay County, Missouri which is an environmental justice tract.
G23 Reduces greenhouse gas emissions? Yes
For Gladstone Parkway, the 2020 expected AADT is approximately 6,302 vpd and the 2040 expected AADT is approximately 8,484 vpd. Gladstone Parkway would result in 111,325 hours per year in travel time savings for 2020 conditions and 149,650 hours per year for 2040 conditions. Total traffic network gas savings, considering 2020 prices and gas mileage, is about 42,705 gallons per year which is $81,140. This equals a reduction of 884 barrels of oil per year. This is a significant savings of time and money for the citizens of Gladstone.
G24 Natural Resource information: The design of Gladstone Parkway will focus on the green infrastructure goals listed as one of the priorities in Gladstone’s planning documents. Since the roadway will be adjacent to Old Maids Creek, stream rehabilitation and best management practices (BMPs) for green stormwater improvements will be a key component of the project’s success. The parkway will include additional street trees and will work to preserve and expand the existing vegetation.
G25 Community Links at Watershaed Scale: Old Maids Creek is a tributary to the Line Creek and ultimately the Missouri River. The preservation of existing natural resources including the construction of a regional BMP area will significantly reduce the potential for downstream impacts in neighboring communities such as KCMO and Riverside, MO. Furthermore, construction of the new trail and a future connection to the Line Creek Trail will enhance the publics connection to their watershed. The project also supports the Citys NPDES Phase 2 stormwater program through the preservation of natural resources and construction of BMPs.
G26 Explain local land use or comprehensive plans: Existing land-use, circa the 2008 Comprehensive Plan, shows the Gladstone Parkway concept alignment passing through a majority of public land with some segments crossing multifamily residential, single-family residential, and commercial areas. The City of Gladstone’s Comprehensive Plan then diagrams the proposed land-use along with alignment with new categories: mixed-use neighborhood, mixed-use community, and parks/open space. These land-uses match the intended purpose of Gladstone Parkway and form the basis for overall redevelopment in Gladstones central business district.

Project Financial Information

STP Federal amount: 4900000 
STP Match amount: 2100000 
STP Year requested: 2024
Source of Local Match: Capital Improvements Sales Tax, Transportation Sales Tax, 2 CIDs, Gladstone Special Road District
Scope Change: TBD - Bike/ped trail could be constructed initially.
Cost by area:
Engineering: 1000000
Equipment Purchase: 0
Right-of-Way: 5000000
Other: 0
Utility Adjustment/Relocation: 1000000
Program Implementation/Construction (including Construction Engineering/Inspection): 5000000
Contingency: 1000000
Total Estimated Project Cost: 13000000
Cost Breakdown by mode:
Highway: 75  %
Transit: 5  %
Bike: 10  %
Pedestrian: 10  %
Other:   %

Supporting Documents

No public comments submitted.

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